A water pipe, also known as a bong, is device used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, or other types of plants. Before deciding whether to purchase a smoking water pipe, it's important to understand the all the perks of owning one. 

Waterpipes are not a new invention - in fact, they were used for hundred of years for the tobacco consumption. Remnants of water pipes made of pure gold and dating back to over 2000 years ago were found in Europe.

The Anatomy of Water Pipes

Usually made from glass, the water pipes come in different shapes and sizes, with a variety of features that can require coal, fresh tobacco or oils. However, what all bongs have in common are the existence of a mouth piece, a head from where the smoke is being generated, and a body that gets filled with water. 

To understand better how a water pipe is designed, please check the example below of the Handheld Glass Pipe from Charlie's Rocket. 

Waterpipe parts

For a comfortable use, the bong displayed above features a 4-fingers holder, which ensures a proper grip onto the pipe.

Different types of water pipes

Straight Tube Bongs - Used for a simpler, larger, and quicker hit, perfect for those who are using a bong for the first time.

Straight Bongs

Beaker bongs - You'll look like a scientist while using these water pipes. Shaped like a conical flask, the beaker water pipes' base generates a higher quantity of smoke. 

Beaker bong

Percolators/Bubblers - these pipes' important feature is their ability to filter your smoke, due to their slits which defuse the smoke, allowing it to cool faster. 

Bubbler bong

Pros & Cons of using a bong


- The water in your pipe is meant to work as a filter, trapping the heavier particles and preventing toxins from entering into your airway.

- The smoke hits inhaled are much bigger

- Another purpose of the water is to cool the smoke, to reduce the burning sensation in your throat. 

- Bongs can separate tars from the smoke, so that they will stick onto the pipe's walls instead of reaching into your lungs.

- They come in different shapes and sizes, giving you options to choose from a variety of designs with numerous features



- Normally made of glass, they can be rather fragile, so you will have to use them carefully, to avoid breaking them.

- They can be too big to be carried with you and used whenever you choose to.

- The water needs to be changed frequently, to avoid an unpleasant taste or smell.

How to use a waterpipe 

When using a bong, you'll have to make sure that you're using a proper amount of tobacco or herbs to get a decent quantity smoke.

Fill up your water pipe with the desired liquid, to experience different flavours when smoking. Some people choose to fill it with alcohol, tea, even fizzy drinks. 

Light your herb and inhale, checking the quantity of smoke that's being pulled. 


Sounds simple, right? However, the trick is in the quantity of water you fill your pipe with. Most of the pipes come with a user manual which should advise you on the quantity of water needed. However, if your throat feels too hot and the smoke hits are too harsh, that is a clear sign that your bong doesn't have enough water.




If you want to take smoking to a different level and enjoy a higher quality of smoke, a water pipe can be the best solution for you. Start with a basic type and gradually explore with more detailed designs.


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