£24.95 GBP

The workmanship details are handmade by the glass blower, giving each piece its unique small details.

When it comes to the tiger glass filter, a hookah can effectively filter tar, nicotine and other harmful carcinogens in cigarettes, relieve phlegm, shortness, sore throat caused by smoking, and reduce the scale on the teeth.
This glass cigarette holder pipe will ensure you get a better taste and a smoother kick from your cigarette, by cooling the smoke before you inhale it. Its design is exquisite and compact, so you can put it in your pocket, use it anytime and anywhere.

Effectively gets rids of tobacco or cigarette smell on your fingers, for a more pleasant smoking experience.
This filter-water pipe has a compact and ergonomic design, and it does not contain any harmful substances. Moreover, the upper cover of the hookah can be used to pour water or alcohol into it, for an even better taste and kick.
This finger pipe is suitable for all kinds of tobacco, hookah, and can be loaded with tea, juice, cola, or your soft drink of preference, to obtain the taste you like.
It comes in a solid metal case, making it perfect a perfect gift for a bong lover.