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    • ✔️Snuff Bullet Tool Storage Bag, it include 1 aluminium snuff pipe+1 Snuff bottle+1 aluminuim spoon+1 mirror, for all your needs
    • ✔️Exquisite workmanship, portable sniffer set, snuff spoon also can be on a keychain or bracelet easy to carry
    • ✔️Snuff spoon doles out the desired and precise amount every time used
    • ✔️Easy to use, perfect to take on an overnight trip, its will be a much appreciated gift
    • ✔️Snuff Kit Wallet is made from faux suede


A Sniffer Pouch that fits in the palm of your hand

This handy sniff kit fits into any pocket or bag, and, despite its compact size, it offers everything you need for a good snuff experience. The perfect gift for every snuff lover.

The Snuff Set offers two colours to choose from

The Charlies Rocket Sniffer Sets offer you two colour options. Our customers are choosing the brown one when looking for an elegant wallet with accessories, while the black one is considered to be the more discreet choice.

This deluxe snuff kit, is also included in our Ultimate 12 PCS Big Snuff Kit 

An elegant sniffing kit - The perfect Gift

Use it at parties, outdoors or in the comfort of your own house - this practical set has a versatile design that goes well for each occasion. The accessories of this snuff set are hypoallergenic and safe to use.

This sniffer set will be dispatched in discreet packaging within 1 business day. 
delivery usually takes 24-48 hours if you are in UK. And 5-7 working days for International orders.