What is catnip?

As the name suggests, catnip is a plant known for its cat-attracting properties. The reactions generated are due to a chemical compound - nepalacatlone - which is released when the plant's leaves or its stem are being rubbed. Nepalacatlone has similar properties to Valerian, one of the most popular plants used in herbal calming pills.

In traditional medicine, catnip was used as a treatment against stomach cramps, indigestion, fever, hives, even certain nervous conditions. This might explain why catnip is nowadays popular among smokers.

In humans, smoking catnip is considered to have generated effects similar to those of cannabis or LSD, but milder, definitely not as strong as cocaine. Below, we'll explain what are the pro's and con's of smoking the "cat's kryptonite". 

The perks of smoking Catnip

The catnip smokers are claiming that, out of the multitude of sensations given while and after smoking catnip, the most common effects are:
  • a general warming feeling throughout the body,
  • euphoria (mild, not extreme)
  • total relaxation and calmness
  • headache relief
  • improving sleep
  • calming the nerves
Even for passive smokers, inhaling catnip smoke can also generate physical sensations of coolness. 
Just like smoking Marijuana, people who smoke catnip claim that, after a stressful day, they see the calming benefits of a "herbal" cigarette.
Although the psychoactive effects are mild to non-existent for most of the users, some people have experienced the time dilation effect, which made them react slower to different stimuli. For this particular reason, you're not supposed to smoke catnip and drive afterwords or perform any activities that require coordination.

The downside of smoking catnip

Although the plant on its own is not toxic to us, if you're trying catnip for the first time, you might experience some unpleasant side effects, such as:
  • nausea (some people even claimed that they vomited after smoking catnip)
  • headaches (usually happens if the dose you smoke is very high)
  • dizziness, such as when you're alcohol intoxicated.
  • difficulty of forming coherent thoughts 
  • coughing
  • an unpleasant aftertaste
  • upset stomach
  • drowsiness
Moreover, catnip leaves burn very fast, which means that they might have to be combined with tobacco for a slower burn - unless, of course, you want to create a herbal blend of non-tobacco plants, to minimize the intake of nicotine and tobacco smoke.

Our advice

Catnip, as a plant, seems to have great effects on the body, helping you relax quicker. However, although it can be smoked, we believe that the side effects might be too unpleasant to be overlooked. If you want to enjoy the calming effects of catnip, it might be best if you consumed it as tea instead.

Before using catnip in any form, please keep in mind that you should:

  • Not use it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Keep it away from infants and children.
  • Always use the right hygienic tools you can see them here
  • Not use catnip before driving or operating heavy machinery.
  • Stop using it if the effects given are unpleasant.
  • Always speak to a doctor to ensure that it is safe for you to consume it.


bum boi
bum boi
I LOVE SMOKING CATNIP, catnip makes me feel funky… one time i did it at a party when i was 12 and i fell don the stairs and broke my neck, i am in the hospital hopital still to this day i am 69, and still enjoy my catnip… i think i may be a fury, smoking catnip reminds me of the day i broke my neck, thats my happy place!!!
Hugh Jaynis
Hugh Jaynis
10/10 would not recommend. The day I tried mixing catnip in with my newports, my feline friend caught on. Mf went straight for my weed stash!
Amen ben dover
Amen ben dover
Amen Ben Dover. Great as filler, get it from a reputable herb shop, very calming. My wife and kids have not left me but they probably smoke more catnip than me!
Ben Dover
Ben Dover
So I first started smoking catnip at the ripe age of 15, now I’m 65, overweight and a fag, catnip has really helped me cope with all the pain, even tho my wife left me and took the kids, yay to catnip👍🏻


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