Is It Safe To Smoke Catnip? Here Is What You Need To Know!

smoking catnip

Like other members of the mint family, catnip can be brewed into teas that ease discomfort and aid digestion. Catnip can also be smoked; it has a mild sedative effect and promotes calmness and tranquillity. The question arises: is it safe to smoke catnip? 

Catnip Overview 

Nepeta cataria, also referred to as catnip, is a pungent-smelling herb that is indigenous to eastern and southern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East. The plant is also known as catmint, catwort, and catswort, and it has some medical characteristics that are similar to those of dried kratom leaves, according to several books on natural medicine.

Because it attracts up to two-thirds of cats (domestic and wild), catnip earned its name. The plant includes a substance called nepetalactone, which gives a variety of pleasurable sensations.

Small doses of nepetalactone cause cats to experience a euphoric state. Rolling on the ground and pawing the air are some expected actions catnip nibblers are known to exhibit.

Can a Human Smoke Catnip? 

Make sure the catnip is fully grown and dried if you smoke it.

The time has come to respond to the inquiry: Is it safe to smoke catnip? Now you are aware of what catnip is. Let's Discuss its effects on humans if they smoke catnip. Generally, smoking substances carry some dangers, just like using any other dry herb. But to minimise the risks, you can use smoking and party accessories, which provide high hygiene levels.

If you smoke catnip, you could inhale any substance that emits visible smoke, as well as potentially cancer-causing substances. You might not want to smoke catnip or other herbs if you frequently get respiratory illnesses.

In contrast to tobacco products containing nicotine, however, smoking catnip doesn't appear to cause dependence. As a result, it might be a safer choice than conventional cigarettes or cigars.

Utilising a dry herb vaporizer to smoke catnip may help minimise the harmful chemicals inhaled with each puff. Of course, using a filter while smoking a rolled cigarette may also be beneficial.

When smoked, or made into tea, catnip has specific noticeable effects that may be advantageous.

What Happens When You Smoke Catnip?

catnip smokers

Smoking catnip has very distinct effects from other pot varieties. Most people don't get the same euphoric high, they do when using different kinds of pots. Some claim to experience a relaxing effect, while others feel more energised. It isn't easy, to evaluate how safe it is to smoke catnip because there isn't much scientific evidence on its effects.

Catnip probably has varied effects on different people. After smoking it, some people claim to feel sleepy or calm, while others claim to feel more energised or chatty. Others claim to have experienced strange effects, such as excessive happiness.

In most cases, the effects start as soon as you breathe in the smoke or vapour, and don't last very long. From 30 minutes to 2 hours, the results could last.

Catnip comes in a wide variety of varieties and is widely available today. No one is certain if all sorts affect people in the same way or if some are more effective than others. It's also unknown how much you would need to consume or smoke to feel the effects.

Risks Associated with Catnip Smoking

It's unlikely that smoking catnip will have a long-term negative impact on your health. It is usually considered safe for human use and, unlike other kinds of marijuana, is not known to contain any chemicals that cause cancer. It's undoubtedly bad for your lungs, though, just like any other material you burn and inhale.

Smoking catnip poses the most risk due to its relatively low safety profile compared to other medications. You are, therefore, more likely to overdose as a result. Some people have passed away from ingesting too much of the substances in various ways, while it is highly uncommon to happen if you only smoke the herb.

Additionally, it is not known to have unfavourable interactions with other medicines or treatments. Some believe mixing it with other medications they may be taking is acceptable. Cannabis reduces the efficacy of several medications, so you should always talk to your doctor before consuming the herb.

What Are Catnip Side Effects? 

When consumed in moderation by most adults, catnip is POSSIBLY SAFE. Catnip tea has been consumed in cupfuls without experiencing any negative side effects. However, smoking or ingesting large amounts of catnip could be dangerous (many cups of catnip tea, for example).

It may result in nausea, headaches, or a general feeling of malaise. The safety of putting catnip straight to the skin is not well understood.

Smoking catnip has no proven negative effects on either people or cats. But, like with any substance, it is best to proceed with caution when consuming it. For example, you should refrain from smoking catnip entirely if you are expecting or nursing.

Catnip Overdose: Is It Safe?

catnip overdose

Utilising catnip may increase your risk of an overdose compared to using other varieties of marijuana. There isn't enough data to prove or disprove suggestions that it might be bad for your health.

An overdose's primary risk is that it might cloud your judgement and make you act unsafely. If you take too much before or while smoking the substance, it could also result in an overdose of other substances or alcohol.

It's critical to understand that drug safety is not guaranteed simply because it is natural. Many everyday foods and beverages we consume might be harmful in high concentrations. So, excess of everything is bad. 

Can Catnip Lead to Addiction?

It's unlikely that catnip will make you physically dependent, definitely not addictive like cocaine. In other words, if you quit using it after a time of extensive use, you shouldn't have any adverse symptoms. But it can also be mentally addictive, which means you might feel cravings and a strong urge to keep using it even if it might be ruining your life.

There isn't enough data to determine how likely you will get psychologically dependent on catnip. Some people might discover that they become psychologically reliant on it, especially if they have a propensity for other addictive behaviours.

Final Words 

To fully understand the effects of catnip smoking and its safety, more research is required. But at this point, it doesn't appear dangerous to people or cats. When smoking catnip, proceed with caution and begin with a modest amount to gauge how your body will respond. Try not to use it in excessive amounts to avoid addiction. 


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