Sniffer Wallet


Let's face it, a lot of people are sniffing the "devil's powder", whether they admit it or not. Usually, they do it in dirty public bathrooms, during parties, along with other people - obviously, not taking in consideration any hygiene risks. 

We are not here to encourage non-sniffers to start sniffing - we're here to provide a more hygienic solution for the already existing snuff lovers. We want you to know what are the risks of snorting in a non-sanitary manner and how you can avoid potential complications caused by "sharing notes" and group snorting.

Why do people snort?

Snorting is one of the quickest ways of getting a drug absorbed into your bloodstream, often producing stronger and longer-lasting effects (a higher kick). People who choose to snort instead of ingesting, injecting or smoking specific drugs will have to turn the respective drug into a fine powder, which then gets inhaled through the nostrils and released into the bloodstream.



What is a snuff kit?

A snuff kit (or sniffing kit) is an accessory (or a group of accessories) designed to make the whole sniffing process cleaner, more hygienic and also elegant. When you bring this sniffer set to the party, you'll say Goodbye to sharing notes with your friends or using random straws to get the job done. Our snuff kits contain wallet, a mirror, a scrapper, a snuff tube and a handy 3ml bottle with dabbing spoon. 

A. Sniffer Wallet

The Sniffer Wallet is a small and elegant pouch (usually made from a soft material, such as leather imitation), with the sole purpose of keeping your snorting accessories tidy and in one place. 

2. Mirror

You can use the mirror to check how you look or to redo your make-up, but when it comes to sniffing kits, the mirror helps you align the powder properly and neatly, without any speck being lost in the process. This also helps you avoid placing the dust line directly onto an unclean surface, such as a bathroom sink or a club table.

3. Scrapper

Just like the mirror, the scrapper's function is to help you create the perfect line, which can then be easily snorted. Keep in mind that the scrapper is, in fact, a sharp razor blade, and it needs to be handled with care. The blade will also help you get rid of clumps in the dust.

4. Sniffing tube

Made of Aluminium, the sniffing pipe is a small and lightweight straw which facilitates inhaling the powder. It replaces the dirty rolled notes that normally "do the trick" when snorting. 

5. Snuff Bullet with Dabbing Spoon

The snuff bullet is, in fact, a small container bottle with a screw-cap, which keeps your powder safely stored, without spilling it in your pocket. It comes with a small metal spoon, which allows you to correctly measure the dosage of dust to be inhaled.

Is it healthier to use a sniffing kit?

When snorting, the small blood veins in your nose can (and usually might) pop, causing nose bleeds. When sharing notes, you get exposed to bacteria that already exists on the bills used, but also to germs coming from the person(s) you're sharing the notes with.

Using your own sniffer set makes the whole process cleaner and reduces the risks of getting unwanted bacteria inhaled through your nostrils.


Where to order the Charlie's Sniffer Set Wallet

Our Snuff Kit is ready for you to order, by clicking Here. Keep your snuff smooth and clean.


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