£12.95 GBP

Introducing the Charlie's Rocket Herb Grinder - a must-have accessory for herb enthusiasts seeking a high-quality grinding experience. Crafted from premium aluminum material, this grinder is not only practical and durable but also non-toxic and harmless, ensuring a safe and enjoyable herb grinding process.

At the top of this exceptional grinder, you'll find a convenient cover with a handle, allowing you to effortlessly operate it by hand. However, it is important to note that running the grinder empty is prohibited to prevent any metal friction that may affect its performance. With proper use and care, this grinder will deliver consistent and reliable results every time.

The middle part of the grinder features a built-in mesh that acts as a filter, ensuring that only finely ground herb particles make their way through. This innovative design helps to enhance the overall quality of your herb and provides a smooth grinding experience. At the bottom of the grinder, you'll discover a convenient funnel, designed to neatly collect and store your powdered spice.

Please note that this grinder is best suited for herbs in the shape of coarse powder and is not suitable for grinding seeds or chunky-sized herbs. Its efficient design is optimized for creating finely ground spice particles that are perfect for enhancing your culinary creations or herbal remedies.

The package includes one Powder Grinder Hand Mill Funnel, and a bottle designed to collect your grinded herbs.