Find Out Some Of The Best Places To Go Party In London


You are in London, and there is plenty of partying to be done. And if there is one thing London is known for, it is party places. Party bars in London are many and raucous, whether you are searching for a spot to go clubbing, sip cocktails, dance till dawn, or just a place to sniff your bliss providing substances. What appears to be a casual night out with this group can quickly morph into a full-fledged night out. Check out our list of best places to go to a party in London.

We have compiled a list of the best places to go to party in London. Each of London's famed party spots has its own distinct flavour, so consider what best suits your preferences and don't forgot to party safely, using the best party accessories.

Barrio Soho

bario soho bar

6 Poland St, London W1F 8PS, United Kingdom

Barrio has a cocktail list of flaming, exotic tipples with surroundings to match, creating for one entertaining party bar in London. Things tend to get out of hand in the best possible way here, with a vivacious attitude and a taste for Mexican drinks. Cantina delicacies, robust beverages, and a lively blend of foreign beats await you.

Between the bridges

The Queen's Walk, London SE1, United Kingdom

Between The Bridges, the new outdoor venue taking over the South Bank this summer is one of the best places to go to party in London. Gilles Peterson, Erol Alkan, Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy, and Nabihah Iqbal are among the DJs who will be performing on their nights.

Disco Bonanza 

Soho, London

Both spiritually and geographically, Soho is the epicentre of London's nightlife. This world-famous party venue, located right in the heart of the city, is recognized for hosting some of the town's wildest dance parties. Soho has a little something for everyone, from outrageous and luxurious disco venues like Freedom Bar, Club 49, and Barrio Bar to eccentric music venues like Garlic & Shots. Prices can be costly, but in the midst of the madness of central London, you are sure to discover a terrific night.

Down and dirty 

Camden London 

Imagine yourself in a gritty rock bar crammed to the gills with vagabonds and hipsters from the neighbourhood. You glance over to the corner, where a tall lady with a black beehive haircut is preparing to sing her first number, your pint of home-brewed ale in hand. The words "Tonight: Amy Winehouse & Band" are scribbled on a chalkboard over the fireplace. This was a common sight in the late 2000s, and it exemplifies the rowdy nightlife hub's musical legacy. Camden is unquestionably the place to be if you enjoy the alternative scene. And if you do decide to get a bit crazy, check out this luxury party set for Charlie's Rocket.

The Karaoke Hole

karaoke hole london

95 Kingsland High St, London E8 2PB, United Kingdom

No matter how many on-tap cocktails you consume, a party at Karaoke Hole will be remembered. The drag queens will lead you through an evening of karaoke, special effects, camping, and all of your favourite tunes in one convenient library.

Unfortunately, this bar has been recently closed.


floripa bar london


91-92 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HZ, United Kingdom

Floripa is like a beach bar-cum-fiesta of good time partying in London, with a hive of Brazilian hotness and salsa dancing. At this location, enjoy late nights, colorful cultures, and eccentric interiors while sipping island-inspired drinks and catching a case of South American fever. DJs, live music, and excessive dancing take center stage as London partying meets Brazil.

Ruby blue bar

1 Leicester Pl, London WC2H 7BP, United Kingdom

Want to make a big splash at Leicester Square but can not afford to spend a fortune? Meet Ruby Blue, one of the most iconic spots in central London and the West End's exciting, extravagant, and delightfully cheap party spot. Start with some happy hour beer specials (5-8 pm) and stay for late-night DJs and dancing; the venue plays a mix of the biggest party bangers every day till late.

Nine Lives

nine lives bar london

8 Holyrood St, London SE1 2EL

At this Bermondsey party bar, there are some major tropical colonial vibes. The sound system has been restored from its previous life as the powerhouse of London Bridge's iconic club, Cable, which is served until 2015. It is now in charge of providing a killer soundtrack for late-night drinking on Saturday nights.

Simmons Fitzrovia

28 Maple St, London W1T 6HP, United Kingdom

Cocktail royalty's uncontested kitsch and eccentric bar have to make the list of best places to go to party in London. With sumptuous dens in King's Cross, Camden, Shoreditch, and the newly appointed Soho, the Simmons force is a force to be reckoned with. Their happy hour is legendary, and their party policy is a straightforward mix of alcohol and dancing.

Venn Street Records

78 Venn St, London SW4 0BD

You will be grooving in Clapham Common if you imagine High Fidelity meets pizza and booze warehouse. Come for happy hour from 3 pm to 8 pm if you want to start things off with some inexpensive drinks; but you are really here for the music, which is truly dance-worthy. They will have live music and DJs that appreciate bands like Oasis, Bloc Party, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, so you can guess how the atmosphere will be: perfect.

Netil 360

netil 360 london

1 Westgate St, Hackney, London E8 3RL

This well-known party venue is credited with kicking off the tradition of finding a rooftop in East London and turning it into a wild bash. On the rooftop of this abandoned college and council office, BarChick has been known to spend nights relaxing in a hot tub (inflatable but whatevs) They obviously know how to do things properly. Oh, and it seats 700 people, so you can invite all your Facebook pals and if you want to make good impression when you meet, bring your party wallet set with you.

The Wall

South London, Waterloo

The concept of The Wall is to bring high-quality food, beverages, and service to London, inspired by the New York cafe-diner culture. It is a unique venue in the center of the city, with a diverse menu of excellent food and drink, as well as a casual and welcoming atmosphere ideal for a private gathering.

Bottom Line

London is regarded as one of the world's greatest nightlife destinations. A night out on the town is not to be missed if you have an evening free or a birthday party or a get-together. Couldn’t decide the place. Here in the guide, we have mentioned some best places to go to party in London. We hope you have your night full of fun at these places.


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