What Are Some Best Kits To Sniff Cocaine?

As more and more people are turning to snuff techniques to satisfy their daily cravings, you might discover that using one of the Snuff Kits that are available on the market for purchase will be perfect for your desires. If you don't already have one, you should get a cocaine sniffer kit, because you'll be able to use your product safely and hygienically.

A snuff kit can be stylish and serve as a more convenient and hygienic way to sniff cocaine. Check out what cocaine sniff kits are available for your specific needs here if you don't have one. Let's get started. 

Best Sniff Kits To Sniff

Charlie's Best Sniffer Set Sniff Kit Wallet With Bottle, Mirror, Spoon, Snuff Tube UK 

Price: £12.95 

Online Store: CharliesRocket.com

Colours Available: Black & Brown 

Tool Included: 

  • Tool kit storage bag 
  • 1× Aluminium sniff pipe 
  • 1× Sniff Bottle 
  • 1× Aluminium Spoon 
  • 1× Mirror 

An aluminium snuff pipe, a snuff bottle, an aluminium dabbing spoon, and a mirror are all included in the Snuff Bullet Cocaine Tool Storage Bag. You can carry Snuff spoons easily yourself; they are made with high quality. It can also be attached to a keychain or bracelet. When using it, the snuff spoon disperses the necessary amount. It's a gift that will be greatly appreciated because it's simple and ideal for an overnight journey.

This is much more hygienic than using a banknote to sniff your substance while sharing a surface with other people in a public restroom when you are unsure of the cleanliness of the surface.

Snuff Bottle With Spoon On Chain - Snuff Kit 3ml-7ml


sbuff bottle with spoon


Price: £4.95

Online Store: Charliesrocket.com

Sizes Available: 

Small Bottle with spoon-3ml

Medium Bottle with spoon-5ml 

Large bottle with spoon-7ml

Tools Included: 

  • Portable Mini bottles 
  • Spoon on chain 

Your collection of snuff accessories would benefit significantly from the inclusion of snuff bottles with spoons. People who wish to use their snuff when they are out and about frequently purchase these kinds of vials.

It's hardly a novel idea to carry your "sniff" in a bottle, but the spoon attachment makes it much simpler to extract your stuff.

These sniff bottles with a spoon attached to the chain are the ideal item for a present or just a night out. This small portable bottle serves as both a container and a spoon. The Glass bottle is available in both dark and transparent colours. Give instructions to order the desired colour.

12 Big Snuff Kit Complete Sniffer Set Herb Grinder Snuff Box Snorting Kit 

snuff kit, cocaine sniffing tool

Price: £29.95 

Online Store: CharliesRocket.com

Tools Included: 

  • 1 X Glass Storage Bottle 16ml
  • 1 X Glass Storage Bottle 3ml
  • 1 X Storage Box
  • 1 X Aluminum Alloy Storage Tank (metal) 73ml 
  • 1 X Metal Snuff Rod
  • 1 X Little Goldman
  • 1 X Bullet Metal Snuff Bottle
  • 1 X Metal Knife
  • 1 X 43mm Diameter 3-layer Metal Smoke Grinder
  • 1 X Metal Spoon
  • 1 X Lens
  • 1 X Leather Storage Bag 

Although this kit is a little more pricey, you receive everything you need or possibly need.

Perfect for relaxing at home or in a club while enjoying yourself. This sturdy sniffer set comes with a spacious pouch case with mesh pockets for accessories and a zip closure.

This snuff kit gives you the ability to consume cocaine in an unobtrusive and secure manner. You will have a variety of instruments at your disposal to grind your powder into a fine consistency, as well as a spot with a clean mirror where you may scent your material.

Charlies Snuff Snorter Kit With Case 11PCS Metal Snuff Bottle


Price: £24.95 

Online Store: Charliesrocket.com 

Colours Available: Purple, Silver, Red, Blue

Tools Included: 

  • 4 x Aluminum Alloy Metal Snuff Snorter
  • 3 x Metal Snuff Spoon
  • 1 x Aluminum Container
  • 1 x Glass Bottle
  • 1 x Plastic Funnel
  • 1 x Glass Pane
  • 1 x Case

Your herbs and equipment need discrete, portable storage space provided by this sniffing box. It is a lovely gift for birthdays and different holidays because of its elegant simplicity and modest size. Depending on your needs, you can use this flawlessly coordinated ALL-IN-ONE kit separately or carry it all at once.

It has an excellent history. It is built of top-notch materials that are resilient and corrosion-proof. The snuff vial is made of easy-to-clean aluminium alloy and has a sealing ring to keep the flair as fresh as possible. When crowded, the portable case not only neatly stores 11 small accessories but also guards against damage. They are convenient to move around and prepared for any situation.

BAMBOO Snorter KIT. Pack Of 2 Organic Bamboo Sniffers LONG tubes In A Neat Drawstring Bag 

Price: £4.95

Online Store: Snuffkits.gom.uk 

Tools Included: 

  • 2X Bamboo straws in a pack
  • Drawstring carry bag.
  • Cleaning brush 

Bamboo is a natural material that is strong and has good aerodynamics. With this set of bamboo straws, you may quickly and stylishly enjoy your snuff.

A nice set of LONG bamboo snorting tubes is supplied, together with a tidy drawstring pouch and cleaning brush. It's a good idea to give or add this bamboo snorting kit to your collection. Free gold-chopping razor and spoon in addition

Using them feels wonderful. Organic bamboo is a wonderful alternative to metal or plastic straws-the ideal present for a friend. Since you no longer have to lean forward to take a puff, the longer tube is much more pleasant to use and has no adverse effect on performance.

Final Words 

The above is our guide to using snuff kits to sniff cocaine with a friend or by yourself at home. Using snuff kits to sniff cocaine is the most hygienic method. Snuff kits can fit inside your backpack or coat pocket and are portable. You can now travel with your snuff without worrying about using too many tools or extra weight.

You have a large selection of snuff kits, and you may choose any kits mentioned above that make you seem chic when you go out. By selecting one of the sophisticated kits, you can add beauty to your appearance while protecting your belongings kit tools in a secure box.


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