When you think about herbs that can be smoked, what's the first thing that comes to your mind, after tobacco? I have a feeling the answer starts with "can" and ends with "nabis". 

There's a lot of stigma around the consumption of cannabis, with people seeing its benefits or considering it a drug. Whether smoked on its own or combined with tobacco, cannabis leaves have a calming after-effect, both stress-wise and physical-wise. 

Obviously, there are many other plants with "magical" reactions on your body and mind, when smoked (through smoking, the effects of any drug are being assimilated quicker). Below, we'll present you with our favorite plants suitable for smoking, plus the benefits they can have on your body and mind.

1. Marihuanilla

Also known as Leonurus Sibericus or Honeyweed, Marihuanilla is a plant that can easily replace Marijuana. It's been used for centuries in treating the digestive system (stomach and intestines) and uterus, but it's commonly used for its relaxing effects. Although it doesn't work as a cure against any condition or disease, it can help maintain your body pressure at an optimum level and it doesn't come with the side effects Cannabis does (such as red eyes, panic episodes, and dry mouth). 

2. Mullein 

A mildly flavored plant, used for thousands of years as a treatment against breathing conditions, Mullein is actually a popular replacement for Tobacco. It's used as a cough remedy, aiding in clearing the mucus from your lungs, in case of pulmonary inflammation. 

Mullein can also help with the quality of sleep, having a relaxing effect on the body and mind, alleviating pain and stress.

Smoke: light and mild, almost flavourless.

3. Sage

When thinking of sage, my mind goes straight to its cleansing and purifying properties, but did you know that smoking sage can help ease headaches, might aid in enhancing memory and combating depression? It is proven to improve your mood and fight against anxiety, but it's also used as an alternative to regular cigarettes. However, due to its strong flavour, people might choose to mix it with a less powerful herb, and Mullein can balance it out perfectly. 

Smoke: An overall powerful taste, although the smoke density varies depending on the sage type consumed.

4. Red Raspberry Leaf 

Another great tobacco alternative, red raspberry leaves may help with easing menstrual pain (it helps the blood vessels ease) and might even be an aid in neutralizing nicotine poisoning. Being a sedative herb, it can produce an overall calming effect on your nervous system. 

Smoke: Neutral taste with a slow-burning leafy texture.

5. Marshmallow

We're not talking about the soft and sweet candies, but the smooth herb that, once smoked, is said to be an aid in treating sore throats or chest inflammations. The smoke produced is smoothly fragrant and relaxing, turning it into a treat for those who are looking for a cigarette alternative.

6. Mugwort

Similar to Cannabis, Mugwort might have a mild psychotropic effect, followed by numerous potential positive after-effects.

This herb has been used to potentially help against fever, colds, digestive issues, nervous problems, and even PMS-related pain. For some, mugwort relaxes the body and is known to enhance and improve recollection of dreams. In fact, this sweet-flavored herb is known to promote vivid dreams.

Smoke: Light with a slightly sweet flavor.

7. St. John's Wort 

Another plant that has been used for centuries to fight against mild depression and melancholy,  St. John's Wort can also reduce symptoms of anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). For some, it acts as a mood-elevating sedative, erasing signs of tension throughout the body. 

It can, however, interact with other medications, such as birth control pills, as it can decrease their effectiveness.



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