cocaine lines and notes


In the last couple of years, especially due to Covid, people all over the world have started taking the hygiene and safety more seriously, including when it comes to getting high.

How to snort/sniff

If you don't know what Snorting/ Sniffing means, it involves getting a tiny bag of "God's Dandruff", placing it on a flat surface, taking a blade and getting rid of any clumps in the powder. Then, with a card, separate a small quantity of the powder and create an even line onto the flat surface. Last, but not least, take a 5-pounds note, roll it up and turn it into a tube, which can help you inhale the already prepared coke line. The rest is allowing yourself to enjoy the "high". Obviously, this is by far the least hygienic way to get high.

The risks of snorting drugs

When snorting, the drug enters your bloodstream through the blood vessels found inside of the nostrils, generating a quicker effect compared to the one you get when swallowing the respective drug. 

However, it is important to remember that snorting can come with its ugly consequences:

  • You can still overdose; ODs are not caused only by ingesting or injecting drugs, but also by sniffing them. Always use small quantities and not abuse any substance.
  • Exposure to bacteria; when using bills or keys for preparing the powder and snorting it, you might make yourself more vulnerable to getting different germs inhaled, too. One of the most hygienic ways of getting high, in this case, is to ensure that you are using items designed exclusively for this purpose, which are stored safely in a non-contaminated environment.
  • Drug abuse can damage your nasal tissue; when consuming drugs too often, your blood vessels can get sensitive and can erupt, causing nose bleeds, which can facilitate the transmission of different diseases (such as Hepatitis C), especially when sharing the same straws or notes to snort.

How to snort safely

  • Stop sharing notes - Use your own 

    sniffing tubes, pipes, or even a full sniffing kit , which prevents you from getting exposed to unwanted bacteria and germs.

  • Rinse your nose before and after - A dry nose increases the chance of irritation and nose bleeds, so by rinsing it before and after sniffing, you can keep the inside of your nose cleaner and healthier.
  • Use Vitamin E oil - keep your nose hydrated and moisturized, to allow it to heal quicker.

Note: Although we do not encourage using drugs, we do recommend you to take some precautions, such as ensuring you have someone close by (especially someone you trust) or even keeping a Naloxone/Narcan kit available, in case the drugs used are cut with opioids. This will provide immediate help against a potential overdose.




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